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Unmanned Systems Australia Pty Ltd

CASA Unmanned Operating Certificate Number UOC.051

CASA approved Multi-Use Listed Aviation Safety Contractor and Consultant Number 06/829-26


Unmanned Systems Australia Pty Ltd provide Consulting and Drone Services in the area of Remotely Piloted Aircraft. 

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Unmanned Systems Australia capitalizes on over 26 years experience in Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Autonomous Systems across a variety of fields.

The staff at Unmanned Systems Australia are currently expanding their drone services focused in the delivery sector. We enjoy working with major companies who are looking to enter the exciting drone delivery market.

Recent news


Commencing back in 2013, with the initial drone delivery in Australia, we have continued to work with the Google X team under Project Wing.  In 2017, Unmanned Systems Australia commenced operations in the ACT and Southern NSW in a continuation of our drone delivery services to Project Wing.  Since that time we have conducted over 1000 deliveries and well over 3000 flights in Australia.  After a highly successful trial of the capability in Royalla, NSW, Project Wing and Unmanned Systems Australia are now ready to expand these services to the Southern ACT region.

In recognition of the significant amount of work, including test flights in both Australia and the United States, and as a testament to the safety of the Project Wing aircraft delivery system, Unmanned Systems Australia has been granted approval to conduct commercial drone delivery operations in the ACT.  We think this is the first approval of its kind anywhere in the world, and establishes Unmanned Systems Australia and Project Wing as world leaders in the drone delivery market.

More information about Project Wing is here


CASA Approved Operating Certificate for UAV operations

Unmanned Systems Australia is proud to announce their approval for operations of VTOL UAV systems up to 20 kg in Australia.  CASA has approved the application for Unmanned Systems Australia under CASA UOC 0051. Mr Phil Swinsburg, the Managing Director of Unmanned Systems Australia, says "We know that the UAV industry will continue to expand and there are a lot of new projects that we continue to be involved in. The approval for UAV operations in Australia will allow the company to meet the expanding demands for our clients.  We will continue to expand the types of UAV system that we are able to operate in the future and we also look forward to expanding our Drone partnership program".


Unmanned Systems Australia accepted by CASA as Aviation Safety Consultant

Unmanned Systems Australia is proud to announce that CASA’s has recently accepted Unmanned Systems Australia onto their Multi Use List for Aviation Safety Contractors and Consultants.  This will allow Unmanned Systems Australia to supply services as requested by CASA, with a specialty focus on Unmanned Systems.

The number of applications for Unmanned Operators Certificates continues to grow rapidly in Australia.  Helping CASA keep up with this supply and demand issue as well as ensuring safety compliance during the execution of Unmanned flight operations is a high priority.

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Unmanned Systems Australia brings the Schiebel S-100 CAMCOPTER to the market.

Vienna, 06 February 2017 – The Royal Australian Navy awarded to Schiebel a contract for the supply of its CAMCOPTER® S-100 System and three years of follow-on Contractor Logistics Support.

The Royal Australian Navy released an international Request for Tender (RfT) in late February 2016 for a UAS capability. Schiebel was very pleased to be able to submit a comprehensive proposal to deliver the latest version of its highly successful CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS. After thorough proposal evaluation and completing negotiations, the contract was signed at the end of December 2016.

Hans Georg Schiebel, owner of Schiebel Group, emphasizes: “We feel most honored by the Royal Australian Navy’s decision to purchase our CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS. We are sure that the S-100 will prove to be an effective asset that will set a new benchmark for UAS capability.”

As the experience of the company’s diverse maritime customers shows, the CAMCOPTER® S-100 improves the situational awareness of ship-borne operations substantially, making it the number one short-range tactical unmanned aircraft for naval applications.

The CAMCOPTER® S-100 holds an impressive track record of supporting naval customers, with missions successfully completed on over 30 different ships on all the world’s oceans, in every environment from the tropics to the Arctic.


Unmanned Systems Australia is a veteran owned and operated business who believes in equal employment opportunities for all (both manned and unmanned). Unmanned Systems Australia is also a supporter of the Heforshe - A Solidarity movement for gender equality.



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