Our Services


Unmanned Systems Australia operates under a CASA Approved Unmanned Operating Certificate Number 1-11LN0P-01, and is a CASA approved Multi-Use Listed Aviation Safety Contractor and Consultant: Number #06/829-26

Unmanned Systems Australia provides expert advice on UAS Systems, Training Services and Concept Development.

Our services include:

  • Subject Matter Expertise in Unmanned Aircraft
  • After Sales UAS Training - Development and Delivery
  • Concept of Operations Development
  • Desktop scenario development and workshop facilitation
  • Doctrine Development and Review
  • Procedural planning
  • Rapid Fielding of  Unmanned systems
  • On-site evaluations


Previous clients have included: 

  • Australian Department of Defence
  • Insitu Pacific
  • Rapid Prototype Development Establishment
  • Nova Defence
  • RedSocks Consulting
  • Cubic Defence Australia
  • Elbit Systems Australia
  • Others


Consulting Services


To accommodate the high demand for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) assets required to support the Australian Defence Force on operations, members from Unmanned Systems Australia led the rapid insertion of the Scan Eagle UAS into both Iraq and Afghanistan. These capabilities were deployed into austere and challenging environments under very tight timelines. All systems achieved the operational milestones required by the customer, and continue to support deployed forces in Afghanistan.


Unmanned Systems Australia are specialists in Unmanned Aerial Systems and Homeland Security Surveillance Systems, including Radar, Electro Optical, Acoustic and Unattended sensors.  We team with other local Australian companies providing expertise in Underwater Unmanned Systems.  Advice on the employment of Unmanned Ground Vehicles is also available.


Training package can be tailored for any industry/individual requirement.  Please contact us for the latest training packages under development.


Developing new capability is very difficult. Unmanned Systems are a completely new capability and the level of expertise globally on the employment of this new technology is low.  With the expertise we have gained over the past 8 years operating in this new field, Unmanned Systems Australia can assist in defining your requirements and develop strategies to achieve your goals.  We gain from your development of new capability.


Unmanned Systems Australia has experience in both the Defence and Emergency Services sectors and can assist in the concept of operations development, the development of tactics, techniques and procedures as well as refinement of internal procedures to maximize the UAS or ISR capability solution.

What we will do !

  • Discuss your requirements with you and members of your organization.
  • Speak with experts across your organization for specialized knowledge.
  • Conduct primary and secondary research on your needs to determine the best options available.
  • Develop fresh ideas and insights and assess the impact of what findings mean for the overall solution.
  • Develop recommendations and consider the impact on your organization.
  • Make presentations to senior executives and produce detailed implementation plans.
  • Assist in driving implementation and long-term project management.


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