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Schiebel Camcopter S-100

Schiebel's Camcopter S-100 provides a unique balance of advanced capabilities, operational flexibility and outstanding performance. The S-100 is able to fly a programmed mission without operator intervention. It is a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) system and, whether for use at sea or land, it has been designed to manned aviation standards ensuring reliability on all mission types.

The S-100 Camcopter is a highly flexible platform capable of supporting operations over land and sea.  Applications include Search and Rescue, Fire Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring, Policing, Military and many more.

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Civil Application for Unmanned Aerial Systems

  • Law Enforcement
    • Traffic Monitoring
    • Critical Response
    • Accident Investigation
  • Critical Infrastructure Monitoring - Oil and Gas Pipeline, Power Line Inspection.
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Emergency Response - Fire, Natural Disaster
  • Crowd Control, and Monitoring
  • Search and Rescue
  • Border Protection and Monitoring

Power Line Inspection being undertaken by the Schiebel S-100 in Europe



Tabulated Data


Endurance Up to 10 hours
Payloads Up to 50 kg (110lbs)
MTO Weight 200kg (440 Lbs)
Empty Weight 110 kg  (243 lbs)
Max. Dimension 3110mm (122") (L)
  1120 mm (44") (H)
  1240mm (49") (W)
Max. rotar diameter 3400mm (133.9")
Cruise Speed 55 knots
Dash Speed 120 Knots
Typical Data Link Range from 80 to 180 km (43 to 97 nm)
Video Feeds Four Simultaneous Digital feeds
Engine 50 HP Rotary Engine (100LL)
  JP5, JP8 Fuel versions available
Navigation Redundant INS and GPS
Autonomy Fully automatic Take-off / Landing
  GPS Waypoint flight plan
  Full Autonomous mode
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If you are seeking smaller or larger systems that the S-100, please contact.  Unmanned Systems Australia has a number of other aircraft systems available that are not listed on this website.

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Expeditionary Unmanned Aircraft Landing Mat

Expeditionary Unmanned Systems (Aircraft) Landing Mat

Unmanned Systems Australia and FAUN TrackWay, combined efforts to develop and produce a UAS Runway for the Australian Defence Forces Deployment to Afghanistan.  The product was a Landing mat modified from already proven products but re-engineered to accommodate arrestor hook and arrestor cable landing systems.  The system delivered was over 1000ft in length and over 50ft in width.

UAV landing mats such as this significantly reduce the environmental impact on military ranges and expedites the deployment of vital ISR capabilities into new area where the runway integrity may not have been assessed or where the runway is unreliable in parts due to damage.  The deployment of UAV landing mats also greatly extends the maintenance cycle for runway dependent aircraft, reducing the impact of stones, dirt and FOD.

For Information on how a Landing Mat can be tailored to your requirement, please contact Unmanned Systems Australia